Lindy arrives home from France after flight - Washington, DC.

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Lindy brings first mail to U.S. from South America - Miami
Lindy and wife at Churchill, Manitoba, Lake Baker - sixth leg of vacation flight from Washington, DC to Tokyo.
Lindy and wife in Tokyo with German aviatrix Marga von Etzdorf. The Lindberghs had flown to Japan from Washington, DC. Ms. Etzdorf from Berlin.
Pres. Coolidge talks on behalf of the country in honor of Lindy on his return to U.S., Washington, D.C.
Lindy and pals
Lindy and Bremen fliers (L to R) Sect. of State Kellogg, Capt. Hermann Koehl, Mayor James Fitzmaurice, Col. Charles A. Lindbergh, Timmothy Smiddy minister of the Irish Free State, Mr. Eddie Rickenbacker famous war-time ace // Behind Fitzmaurice is Baron von Huenefeld