Ankabar no. 3, Big Marshall House $10,000 stake at Rockingham, Salem, N.H.

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Finish of first heat of 2.20 trot at Rockingham, Salem N.H.
Finish third race, second heat. The Calumet Farm stake. Trotting - 2 year olds, Rockingham, Salem, N.H.
Trotters race at Brockton fair
Trotters, 2.17 pace, second lap, first, no. 10 Peter Taggert, second no. 5 Grandma, third no. 6 Sister Napoleon, South Weymouth
Trotters at Rockingham, Salem, N.H.
Start of 2.24 trot, purse $300: Leading, L-R, no. 7 signal on, no. 3 Gay Setzer, no. 9 Harry Hobson, time 2-14 1/4, South Weymouth