Curley, James Michael, 1874-1958

Mayor Curley with Admiral Byrd?
Gov. Curley throws out first ball
Curley and family in front of house
Mayor Curley throws out first ball at Fenway park
Gov. Curley teeing off
Gov. Curley teeing off
Mayor Curley and Commander Byrd in open car
Gov. Curley and daughter Mary with family dog
Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the arm of J.M. Curley, Col. House on the left
Curley throws out first ball
Gov. Elect Curley and daughter Mary with family dog
Mayor Curley and daughter Mary
State House scene during the swearing in of Governor Curley
Jim Curley at his desk
Gov. Curley and Joe Cleary sign for Sunday hockey
A smiling James Curley
Curley, Allen and Wheeler with military men
Allen, Wheeler and Mayor Curley
Curley speaks from outdoor podium
Mayor Curley at his desk in city hall
Mayor Curley speaking from dais in auditorium during the Tercentenary
Gov. Curley in automobile procession, probably at Brockton Fair
Gov. James Michael Curley with his daughter before her wedding
J.M. Curley and other dignitaries stand with doffed hats during anthem at ball game


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