Quimby girl taken from marsh at Squantum after falling from her airship, Harvard-Boston aero meet

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Miss Helen Hicks, 18-year-old golf star, and Elinor Smith, 17-year-old aviatrix, at Fairchild Field, Farmingdale, NY
Russell Boardman and the Herald 'Arbella' plane that toured the U.S.
L-R: Maj. James Fitzmaurice, Irish transatlantic flyer, Floyd Bennett, pilot of Byrd's North Pole plane, Duke Schiller, who flew 1st plane to Greenly Island, and Bernt Balchen, pilot of Byrd's transatlantic flight, standing next to Ford monoplane that went to assist German fliers at Lake Ste. Agnes, Quebec
Pilot of 'Bluebird' with new wife. Old Orchard, Maine
Famous aviator Atwood takes a passenger at Squantum.
Clarence Chamberlin: Famous flier brings injured Ruth Nichols to Boston Airport from New Brunswick. She was strapped on a cot inside of plane.