Commander John Baylis of the USS Paulding. First assignment since his boat rammed and sank the S-4 in 1927. Took active part in the SS Robert E. Lee disaster bringing rescued to Navy Yard.

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USS Paulding on Marine Railway after bow was damaged ramming the S-4 off Provincetown.
Diver off USS Falcon going for S-4 sub off Provincetown.
Press refused admittance to board USS Paulding by Admiral Brumby, in charge of S-4 disaster.
USS Paulding - Coast Guard ship that rammed the S-4.
Six British subs bottled up in Navy Yard because of US Neutrality are given to the Chilean government in exchange for a Man of War which could not be built by England.
USS Paulding - Coast Guard ship that rammed and sank the sub S-4. First trip after she had her bow repaired.