Clowning around aboard fishing boat
T-wharf Italian fishermen
Italian fisherman T-wharf
T-wharf? Italian fishermen
Italian fishermen mending nets at old T-wharf
Fishing schooner 'Mayflower' comes into South Boston fish pier with main boon in splinters
Italian fishermen at T-wharf
Halibut trawls being put away on the deck of the fishing schooner 'Adventure'
Italian fishermen at T-wharf
Italian fishermen coiling line at T-wharf
Fishing trawler 'Trimount' coming into dock at fish pier
Gloucester fishing schooner getting ready to sail for mackerel
Fishing schooner 'Henry Ford' of Gloucester
Busy scene at South Boston fish pier
Fisherman with spools of fishing line
Fishermen 'T'wharf boats Boston
Fishing schooner runs aground in dense fog in Boston Harbor
Men fishing - boat filled with fish
Baiting hooks - fish pier.
Pumping out a ship so she won't sink. At T-wharf
South Boston fish pier
T-wharf Italian fishermen
Fishermen in Port? With big haul.
Scup fishing - Newport RI.


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