Hoisting machinery

Crane topples at New England fuel co. Three died
Red Curran murdered by Lester Lang
Red Curran murdered by Lester Lang - Thrown in Quincy Quarry raised and buried by police as he turned state evidence when office McDonald was beaten up.
Largest crane USS Kearsarge in dry dock showing Hull configuration
Giant crane at Navy Yard 'Hercules'
Giant floating crane at Navy Yard
Floating crane, Charlestown Navy Yard
Huge floating crane at Navy Yard
USS Delaware being dismantled at South Boston drydock
USS Milwaukee, Navy Yard dry dock
Navy Yard dry dock showing USS Milwaukee
Unsuccessful attempt to raise the S-51 sub. Pontoons were later used
Ship and floating crane over sunken sub S-4 off Provincetown. 40 man crew died.
S-4 disaster: Giant crane 'Hercules' removing pontoons from USS wright
Sub S-4 tied up at Pier 7, to remove her batteries and engines
Navy crane 'Hercules' with boilers from the ill-fated sub S-4
Boilers from the sub S-4 on Navy Yard crane 'Hercules'
Old timber from USS Constitution.
USS Constitution in Navy Yard.
New mast for USS Constitution: South Boston drydock.
USS Constitution - South Boston dry dock.
USS Constitution.
USS Constitution.
USS Constitution - South Boston.


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