Horse shows

Brockton Fair
Steeplechase at Camden - S. Carolina, L to R: War Mist with J.V.H. Davis up, Emerald Isle with Carroll K. Bassett up, Sunset with Joseph Cotton up and Hotspur, the winner with Raymond Woolfe up
Bayard Tuckerman on Bective Lad at Myopia
Virginia Tolman on Homestead at Weymouth fair
Bayard Tuckerman - Myopia Hunt
Jumping - One of those times that the horse refuses to jump at the stone wall
Hamilton horse show - Mrs. F. Ayer on River Sand wins Buddy Cup - light weight hunters
Betty Dird - horsewoman
Steeplechase at the Harville Hudle race, Wye, Kent, England
August F. Goodwin and Mrs. F. P. Sears at Myopia (before Raceland burnt down)
Tuckerman 3 finish jumping
Horse racing at the Cesarewitch, West Wicklow, England. C. Richards winning.
Horse jump
Horse jumping
Hamilton Horse Show
Racing at country club, Brookline, MA
Hamilton Horse Show - young Ayer jumping
Danny Shea on Crowell's Fairfax at Scituate Horse Show
Millwood Hunt - Framingham
Millwood Hunt - 2-4 - Stout Fella - Mrs. William B. Song, 2-7 - Martins's Caddy - J.F. Broderick


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