Ice hockey players

Eddie Shore of the Bruins
Bob McCully of the Cubs, 1935-1936
Boston Bruins team picture, 1932-33
Eddie Shore of the Bruins
Sands and Shore consult with official, Boston Garden
Eddie Shore poses with Bruins teammate
Bruins and Maroons, Boston Garden, 1929-1930
1930-31 Boston Bruins team picture
1930-31 Bruins information on the Boston Garden ice
Bruins team portrait, Boston Garden, 1930-31
Bruins form the letter 'B' on the ice, Boston Garden, 1930-31
Art Ross Jr. and Benny Grant on ice at new Boston Garden, 1928-1929
Green, Beattie, and Clapper in locker room, Boston Garden
Bruins in locker room, Boston Garden
Eddie Shore of the Bruins signing a stick for a kid, Boston Garden
Action on the ice at Boston Garden, including Hitchman and Thompson, 1930-1931
Bruins, including Shields, no. 4, and Dit Clapper, head onto the ice at Boston Garden.
Hockey stars Lionel Conacher, left, and Roger Jenkins of the Bruins, on bench for being rough on the ice.
Scene on ice after Ace Bailey - Eddie Shore incident, Boston Garden
Hockey stars Maroons
Hockey stars Conn Smythe
Hockey stars Conn Smythe
Maple Leafs' Conn Smythe


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