Marathon running

Johnny Kelley
Johnny Kelly finishing marathon.
No. 9 crossing finish line at B.A.A. marathon
Clarence DeMar running with Keene Normal school shirt
Clarence DeMar leading the way in the B.A.A. marathon
Clarence DeMar running on the BAA marathon
No. 137 and no. 82 during B.A.A. Marathon
Clarence DeMar winning BAA Marathon
Clarence DeMar comes in eighteenth in 1932 marathon
Clarence DeMar in the BAA Marathon
Clarence DeMar on his way to his sixth marathon win
Johnny Kelley winning marathon
Runner Clarence DeMar in B.A.A. Marathon
Joie Ray, the famous miler, coming in third in the B.A.A. marathon. He collapsed at the end with blistered feet, time 2 hours, 41 minutes, 56 4/5 seconds
Runners at the Framingham checkpoint. Paul de Bruyn, 18, William Ritola, 72, Hans Oldage, 162, William Kyronen, 54
B.A.A. marathon runners Hans Oldag (11), Ford Clark (99), and Clarence DeMar (157)
Dave Komonen crosses Finnish line of the B.A.A. marathon
Johnny Miles and Bill Kennedy come in together in B.A.A. Marathon. Miles was eleventh, Kennedy twelfth. As Miles waited for Kennedy a short distance away
Clarence DeMar running B.A.A. marathon
Runners at the Framingham checkpoint
Jim Henigan finishes B.A.A. marathon in 2 hours 41 minutes 1 second.
Willie Kyronen of Finnish-American A.C. New York, wins second in marathon time 2 hours 36 minutes 27 seconds 4/5. He is at the right, Clarence DeMar left
Marathon, no. 110. Karlkoski of N.Y., no. 138. Clarence DeMar, N. 156. John Jakela of Toronto, Ont. Winner Henigan, DeMar fifth, Koski, second
Johnny Kelley winning the B.A.A. Marathon
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